Going Green

The Paul Davis Charitable Fund offers full contents solutions for lightly damaged, unwanted and donated goods. As a registered 501(c)(3) charity, we put sustainable systems to work. In the past, these items were discarded in dumpsters and landfills. We are now providing value to our customers and our community by donating these contents to local charitable organizations or finding a new home for items with imperfections.

  • Donate
    Based on a simple idea, we empower our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, give back to the community and enjoy the financial benefits. Items that are no longer wanted by the owner, or are replaced by the insurance carrier, can be donated back non-profits: Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity-Restore, YWCA Transitional Housing Program, local churches, etc.
  • Sell
    Paul Davis understands the process of assessing contents and the important decisions that must be made. Due to the nature of each loss and the damage incurred, some items simply cannot be restored to pre-loss condition. Fortunately, many contents maintain some value and usefulness. In the past, discarded pieces were discarded. Now, items are refurbished and can be consigned or sold online to capture monies paid out on claims. Offering this solution, Paul Davis will work with insurance carriers to sell restored contents. Monetary donations from the proceeds of sales may also be made to the Paul Davis Charitable Fund, Inc.

Please contact us to learn more about these programs in Milwaukee, WI and for a personal tour of our contents department.